Wednesday, September 16

My Self at TJ having fun with nitro

The Nitro ready to fueling

Me And My Nitro Trex 600 and 700

My letest Nitro Trex 700

And ready to fly

Tuesday, September 15

My First Flying 50 and 90 heli ... align 600 and 700

The New look Of Haji Bugar

Align 45o Sport Head
Align 450 SE Swash
Align 450 Sport Landing Skid
Align 450 CF Tail Boom
Align 450 3k Tail blade
TT 325 3D Paddle
Hobbywing CF 325 Main Blade (aka FunKey)
Copter X wash Out and Mixing Arm
CF Upper And Lower frame V2
Scorpion Motor 2221-8 at 14T
Scropion Esc V2 HK 45amp
GY401 with 9257
AR 62000 Spektrum
Infinity CF Boom Brace

Wednesday, June 24

Saturday, April 18

Friday, April 17

21 tooth Pinion Opinion

I'm not sure how well the new pinion does on a ST, but it does very well on an OS. That extra tooth is designed to further reduce the engine's torgue load. You engine will have to rev a bit higher to achieve the same target headspeed RPM's than with the 20T. The more teeth the higher your engine will have to rev. Less teeth will reduce the engines RPM's, but increases it torque loading; making the engine work harder to achieve target RMP's. That should apply to any engine with that pinion installed.

Your engine will peak faster and rev higher. That should reduce the potential for the head to bog during aggressive pitch transitions, making your heli more forgiving in the case of poor collective management. If your engine is bogging, it most likely a tuning issue.

Give that 21T pinion a go, I think you'll see a noticeable improvement. It should work well on the ST. Let us know how it goes.

Monday, March 30

Scott Gray Morgan Blend

Morgan Fuels has been a leading manufacturer of R/C performance fuels for decades. Their blends and oils are extremely consistant batch to batch, year to year. When traveling the world to events I rarely have to change needle settings on my engines or ever worry about the quality of Cool Power fuels no matter where I'm flying.

I use exclusively Cool Power 30% High Performance Heli in all engines.

For a smooth running F3C mix I recommend a mix of Cool Power heli fuels.

SG Multi Viscosity mix:

For years I have been running in F3C competition this blend of Cool Power fuels to produce the desired results of power and ultra smooth running required for F3C competition. Many other pilots are now using this mix successfully.

1:1 mix ratio:

CP30% High Performance (pink color)
- 24% Low Viscosity synthetic oil package

CP12.5% Heli Fuel (purple color)
- 18% High Viscosity synthetic oil package

Alternate: CP 15% Heli Fuel (green)
-18% High Viscosity synthetic oil package

Mix in a 2US Gallon container or larger. 1US Gal of CP30% with CP12.5%. Shake lightly and let settle. Pour back into 1 Gal jugs if required.

The thin oil acts as a coolant and high flow lubricant. The thicker oil aids bearing life, and coats parts actually making the engine slightly quieter by reducing piston skirt slap.

The end result yeilds about 21% Nitro content and 21% multi-viscosity Oil.

Saturday, March 28

tchavei reply

Re: About YS 50 and MGP

Hi Duckster

1st off, that idle-up1 curve is wrong. You're using the governor so why limit it at 90%? The governor won't be able to open full throttle if it ever needs it. Reset idleup1 and idleup2 to 100-80-100 and just program different headspeeds in the governor lcd.

1. on low needle is 1 turn did u find it lean
2. my muffler is outage 50 those this effect on tuning
3. Mixture arm do i need to rich a bit before i install
4. at the moment without this mixture i recorded it reach 115 at peak teamp, do i need to lean or rich abit before i put in the mixture to my needle

i read 1 of ur post at runnig this engine at 1.5 open will fry the engine (weather in brunei all year round summer at 32-35 celcius.

how about ur low needle setting coz at this moment most of my fren says that my 1 turn in low needle is lean

About the rest...

1. low needle is on mine just flush (slot is inline) with the carb. Not sure how many turns however that doesn't matter. Start the engine. Let it warm up for 30 seconds. Now pinch (or even unhook) the fuel line.

a) it dies imediately - lean
b) it starts reving up for like 3-8 seconds and dies - ok
c) it takes like 20 seconds to rev up and die - too rich.

What you want is b) and you shouldn't care if the screw is at 1 turn or 10 turn. What matters is what makes the engine happy.

2- Every pipe will slightly affect tuning. A hatori 521 might give other settings than a MP5 SB or an Outrage. Which one is the best... you need to do experiences or trust what other people say. I had very good results with the 522 and 521. Never tried a Outrage pipe.

3 and 4- no, just set middle point to be your present needle setting. Adjust your MGP mixture control to 115C or a little less (110-112).
Mine is at 116C and max temp in flight is 118C. This is with high quality 20% nitro (maybe equivalent to normal 25%. I would guess 110-115 is ideal for you. 115-120C is healthy for my standarts. More than that and engine life will start to be reduced.

Good Luck


"Perfection and patience usually walk side by side..."

Saturday, March 21



An Outing Somewhere in Muara Bukit Sepimping

Close the Muffler Pressure

Friday, March 20

The YS 50 ST finally

The Red Box Of YS 50 ST

YS 50 ST Engine With Regulator System

The Engine Pressure For replacement of Muffler Pressure

Install to the Trex 600 NSP

Check Valve For 1 way pressure to the tank form the crank case

Review of engine:

This is my new experiance in YS engine,
this engine run smooth on the first run,
still in break in process, Smooth ideling
needle valve - High needle at 2 turn out
-low needle at 1.5 turn
2nd tank break in close 3 click from 2 turn high needle temp at 140 farenhite
then 3 tank close another 3 click making it 1.75 turn out
thank now close anther 2 click from 1.75 turn low needle close 0.25 making it 1.25 turn out
temperature at this settting is at 170 farenhite

Glow Plug Use is OS8 as recomended from manual for 30% nitro
Nitro is Morgan Fuel - cool power 30% nitro LS 20% oil

soo far break in for 4 tanks gonna finish and change the plug after 12 tanks
and settle tune at 1.5 turn on high needle anda 1 turn on low needle as most ppl recomend on the forum plus this engine get more power at rich side of tuning..
i ll put all review throgh time for the maximum performance

The New RC HELI magezine

Wednesday, March 4

New Upgrade and Canopy

The Bitch Canopy

The Baby Canopy

TheTrex 600 NSP AirBrush

My Outrage Hyper 50 Muffler

Full View Of Outrage Muffler

Thursday, February 26

Complete Review of My Fleet

The review Of him

Align Elevator Upgrade (A Arm)

Temp Sensor

Align 50 Performance Muffler

Remove Tag From Airforce one

Ar 7000 Spektrum reciver

Blue Align Tail Boom

Quick Uk Roller

Quick Uk Canopy Mounting

Inolab Servo For Mixture Control

Quick Uk Mixture Arm

Header Tank TT, Bracket (XTR), Mounting Quick UK

A lign B6t regulator 2 in 1

Multi Gov Pro (Governer and Mixture Control

GY611 Futaba Gyro

GY611 Gyro LCD

2.0MM Horizontal Fin

TT Boom Brace Barcket

Quick Uk Lower Main Bearing Block

2200Mah Kong Power Lipo 7.4 Volt

CY Main Blade

CY 600 SB ( It Amazing It make the Fleet Float and lighter)

Align 95mm Tail Blade

Quick UK Tail Rotor Grip

2.0mm Stablelizer Fin

Broken Canopy T600NSP Red lighthing (Linkage screw fall out)

The NSP Metal Head Blue

Quick UK Swash ( if u guy craving for ultimate Climb (+14 -14 Pitch)
plus the washout base less slop for the pitch guide.

Align Paddle 3k Black (AKA V Blades Paddle)